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In the spirit of Storage Post’s core philosophy of Operational Excellence, the leadership team continually assesses the company’s self storage assets and how they can be improved to deliver excellent customer service. For some locations, this is simply a fresh coat of paint and upgraded security. For others, like newly-acquired properties, improvements can include full asset repositioning.

Storage Post’s strong management business structure includes careful evaluation of a new acquisition and quick repositioning to align it with the company brand. Required repairs, customer service enhancements and compliance with the company’s strict brand standards are all parts of Storage Post’s operational values.

Asset repositioning is a core competency of the Storage Post management team due to their years of experience in the self storage industry. Defined brand standards are applied to all properties, especially newly-acquired real estate, which creates a distinct customer experience.

Brand cohesion is crucial to Operational Excellence and Storage Post prides itself on the high quality of each of its properties. Below are some examples of Storage Post properties that have been renovated and repositioned.

Yonkers: New and Improved

Bruckner Blvd Location Renovated

New Rochelle Facility Makeover

Updating Long Island City

New Hyde Park Repositioning

River Road Renovations

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