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Storage Post is committed to using the most up-to-date technology in every aspect of its business structure. Our proprietary technology supports an industry-leading business intelligence system and provides the backbone to our integrated operating platform. However, no technology stands alone, but rather functions to support other operating processes to allow for seamless data integration. New software and hardware technology solutions are continuously updated and upgraded to ensure added convenience for customers.

Real-Time Data and Reporting

Storage Post’s expert technology team and performance-oriented reporting infrastructure provide the company with a distinct advantage in the self storage industry. Storage Post is equipped with a fully-integrated, real-time data business intelligence system that allows management and investors to track every aspect of property performance. This feature gives Storage Post an incredible advantage within the self storage market and results in advanced controls and higher returns to our investors.

Web-based reporting monitors key indicators as they occur, enabling quick adjustments to be made to maintain maximum operating results. Such instant access allows for direct intervention by Storage Post management teams to make adjustments that positively influence performance. Every aspect of the business is measured with these efficient and timely reporting procedures at both the corporate and field levels.


Property Management Technology and Accounting

As part of our reporting technology, Storage Post provides efficient issue resolution with its high-end ticketing report software, designed specifically for the Storage Post portfolio of properties. The Storage Post IT team immediately responds to each submitted ticket, reducing possible service down-time and correcting the issue rather than simply defining it.

Storage Post also employs extensive accounting and financial analysis teams that monitor and adjust property expenses, discounts, rental move ins and customer move outs. Daily, financial data is compiled to chart the current operational performance of each asset into detailed reports, increasing management awareness on a micro level. With this efficient reporting infrastructure, operational and financial data can be leveraged for internal auditing, monthly cash reconciliation and monthly profit-loss statements


Efficient Performance

Storage Post provides the hardware, maintenance, bandwidth and power to support several servers running dozens of services in our corporate data center. This reduces the costs associated with either third-party server hosting or the even more expensive third-party service providers.

Ordinary self storage management companies offer just enough technology to keep the office computers running. But, at Storage Post, we know that a strong technology platform that includes expert support is a critical differentiator between self storage companies performing at mediocre levels and those that excel.

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