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Talented Brand Ambassadors


Storage Post is founded on the dedication and training of its forward-facing store employees. Every Storage Post team member acts as a brand ambassador for the company and is charged with bringing customers the best service and industry knowledge. Storage Post’s comprehensive training program ensures that employees understand the company charter and are motivated to build a superior storage experience at every Storage Post location.

Dedicated Sales Center

Beyond the on-site store employees, the Storage Post sales center is a key component in the company’s smooth-operating business structure. The sales center handles all incoming telephone calls with friendliness and sincerity, allowing store managers to focus on current customers, walk-ins and the property. When the store managers can deliver effective attention to walk-in leads, and the calling customers are greeted by a live representative, customer satisfaction rises. Higher customer satisfaction improves the Storage Post brand reputation and increases rental numbers and tenant retention on a growing scale.


Comprehensive Training Program

Storage Post’s comprehensive training manual covers all aspects of an employee’s experience and potential customer interactions. Training videos and personalized learning opportunities ensure service consistency, which in turn reassures customers that Storage Post cares about their storage needs and will assist them with their Storage Post experience at every location.

Team managers strategically meet with employees, on-site and in the sales center, to evaluate current performance and initiate goals for upcoming months. A culture of goal-oriented teamwork fosters positivity and communicates to employees that Storage Post is a supportive organization that is ready to help them develop and maintain critical skills. These assessment and coaching strategies are implemented throughout the year to create highly-trained agents that have superior knowledge of the storage industry.

Commitment to Customer Service

In its employees, Storage Post seeks a dedication to considerate service and a positive attitude. We value compassion, motivation and kindness in our employees, which directly impacts the company’s reputation. We insist on patience and endurance in order to ensure a job done well, no matter the detail or time involved.

As Storage Post brand ambassadors, we must continue to champion the trust and credibility that our brand represents and continuously fine-tune our products, services and communication to achieve Operational Excellence in all that we do.

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