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Storage Post Doraville Donates to Angel Flight


Storage Post’s storage facility in the Doraville area of Atlanta donated $500 to Angel Flight Soars in Atlanta. Angel Flight is a non-profit organization that facilitates access to healthcare through volunteer pilots and arranged flights.

For some, medical treatments and diagnosis require extensive travel, which can be a difficult financial burden. Angel Flight assists patients whose condition or location makes it challenging to receive the treatment they need.

Examples of Angel Flight’s assistance include carrying cancer patients to chemotherapy, surgery or other treatments and transporting children to and from special needs camps or treatment facilities. In addition to helping people travel for treatment and rehabilitation, Angel Flight is also involved in disaster relief efforts. Volunteer pilots deliver supplies and disaster relief personnel to areas that need them.

In the spirit of giving back, Storage Post donated $500 to Angel Flight Soars in Atlanta, which depends on support from the community. Storage Post believes that Angel Flight’s cause positively affects children and families throughout Georgia, and is proud to assist the organization.

For more information about Angel Flight and its goal to provide compassionate care, visit angelflightsoars.org.

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