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When it comes to storage, it’s best to only pay for what you need. Save time and money by selecting the right-sized unit. Review the details on our standard sizes below and select the one that best fits your needs.


Choose from our unit sizes below:

For a customizable option based on your home size, try our Advanced Size Estimator

Storage Details

Locker Locker This unit is great for quick access of boxes, holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, luggage, tools and golf clubs. Select
5x5 5x5 This unit is great for seasonal storage such as skis, bikes, beach gear and luggage. Also holds a twin mattress set, chest of drawers, chair, desk, filing cabinet and misc small items. Select
5x10 5x10 Perfect for storing items from a studio or a small one-bedroom apartment. This unit will hold a full/queen mattress set, sofa, dining room set plus boxes as well as the smaller items that fit in a 5x5 and locker above. Select
10x10 10x10 This unit stores a one-to-two-bedroom apartment including appliances. There’s room for everything in the 5x10 storage plus a refrigerator, washer/dryer, patio furniture and many miscellaneous items. Select
10x15 10x15 Choose this unit for a two-to-three bedroom apartment or home. Holds all typical household items including appliances and furniture with plenty of room for boxes and other extra items. Select
10x20 10x20 Here’s enough space for a small three-to-four bedroom apartment or home. Store everything with enough room for appliances, patio furniture, many boxes and miscellaneous. A popular size with our commercial customers who have excess inventory. Select
10x25 10x25 Enough storage for a large family, this unit holds items from a three-to-four bedroom apartment or house with room for garage extras. Of course there’s space for appliances, furniture, boxes and other miscellaneous items too. A popular size with our commercial customers who have excess inventory. Select
10x30 10x30 Store everything from a four-to-five bedroom home in this huge space. There’s room for all the bedroom, dining, living and office furniture. Plus space for appliances, garage items, patio furniture, many boxes and even the kitchen sink. A popular size with our commercial customers who have excess inventory. Generally on 1st floor for quick and easy access. Drive up units often available. Select

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