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Climate Control Storage


What is it?

Whether storing boxes of clothing, electronics or those expensive leather couches, controlling the temperature in your unit is crucial to the longevity of your items. Climate controlled storage is a relatively new development in self storage that uses new technologies in air control to manage temperature, humidity, dust levels, and the general air quality of your storage space. Storage Post is devoted to state-of-the-art storage, and as such, we also offer climate controlled units as a customized self storage solution.

Why Do I Need it?

A balanced humidity level prevents the formation of mildew and mold, particularly in more humid areas. Dust, although difficult to completely avoid, can be kept at low levels with a temperature-controlled self storage unit. A steady temperature prevents the deterioration of items due to sudden changes in weather.

Regardless of your location, changing seasons can affect the quality of items in long-term storage. Whether in the chilly northern locations such as New York or New Jersey, or in the blistering southern states like Louisiana or Georgia, the extreme temperatures can easily damage what you store in your self storage space. But climate controlled self storage is an easy and stress-free solution no matter where you live.

Although all items should ideally be kept in climate controlled units, some stored items are more prone to elemental damage than others. These include:

  • Electronics
  • Leather or wooden furniture
  • Books and papers
  • Musical instruments
  • Machinery

Delicate items like these should be top priority when choosing a self storage facility. If left in standard, non-climate controlled storage, many of these items risk damage that can leave them warped or unusable. When moving, protect these items from hot trucks or cold garages by storing them in climate controlled mini storage units.

Climate controlled storage keeps your items safe from the effects of extreme temperatures, fluctuating humidity,and harmful dust. Storing with Storage Post provides all of the security your items need, as well as an array of other storage features such as packing supplies and on-call Storage Specialists.

How Do I Rent a Climate Controlled Unit?

Storage Post offers climate controlled units in various sizes at most of our locations. Contact your local Storage Post facility to learn more about climate controlled storage in addition to other self storage tips. Reserve a unit or two today and experience the Storage Post difference.

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