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When choosing a self storage company, one of the most important features is the security capabilities of the storage facility. The decision of where to store your stuff should not be taken lightly – and the storage buildings you select should be fully-equipped with advanced security measures.

Storage Post has a take-no-prisoners approach to storage security. We know that the safety of your items is a top priority, so not only do we pamper them with deluxe features like climate controlled storage units and superior quality packing material, we also keep them as secure as Fort Knox.

Storage Post locations provide a number of security amenities, including 24-hour video recording, individual storage unit door alarms and secure access with personal entry codes. Not to mention that all of our storage units are constructed from strong rolled steel and many of our facilities are protected by perimeter fencing.

Tell Me More about Storage Security

Most of our locations are equipped with state-of-the-art security cameras, strategically placed throughout the building to provide maximum coverage. These cameras record the goings-on of the building – all day, every day – to protect you and your stuff from would-be thieves. Television monitors track the camera’s viewpoints from the front desk of the office, so on-site staff members are always watching. Even the parking lots have 24-hour video recording, so you can feel safe every time you visit.

Speaking of visiting, every time you enter through Storage Post’s gates or storage buildings, you’re required to enter your personal access code. There are two great security-based purposes for the personal entry codes. First, requiring a Storage Post access code prevents unauthorized visitors from gaining access to the premises of storage units. Second, once your punch your code into the entry keypad, Storage Post’s computerized security system time stamps your visit and closely monitors your specific unit. If your code is used, but the wrong storage unit is accessed, on-site staff will be notified to investigate.

In the slim chance that someone would slip through all of these security measures, no one can avoid the individual unit door alarms. Any unauthorized person who opens an alarmed unit door will trigger the alarm and quickly alert the Storage Specialists to a situation.

Lights, Camera, Safety!

If you’re not yet convinced that Storage Post can provide the best in self storage security, consider the following:

  • On-site Storage Specialists regularly perform walk-through checks throughout the storage buildings to monitor units, and patrol the premises multiple times a day to ensure that everything is peaceful and secure. If anything is amiss, staff can quickly address the situation.
  • All Storage Post facilities are lit up like the sun – both inside and out – so our customers feel safe when they visit. Many of these locations also offer motion-sensor lighting that tracks the smallest movement and automatically turns the lights on.
  • If you’re moving into your unit, or just picking something up, you may be a little ways from the office. So what happens if you have a question or concern while you’re in your unit? Simply press the nearest intercom button (or pick up the intercom phone, depending on your location) and you’ll be directly connected to a friendly Storage Specialist. Talk about instant service and immediate action for anything you need!
  • Want to feel safe, even when you loading and unloading your stuff? Most Storage Post locations are constructed with interior loading areas, so you can be off the street and protected from the weather.

If you want even more information about storage security, the Storage Post blog has a few articles you may want to read, including information on storage unit locks, moving and storing safety and specific security features. You should also check out the Tenant Elite Protection Plan which provides additional coverage for your items. 

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