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Charm and History in the Big Easy

Bourbon street corner in New Orleans

Naw’lins is always moving, shaking and reinventing itself, which means locals never tire of its charms and tourists keep coming back for more. Our New Orleans employees are always ready to discuss the city’s finer points between giving self storage tips, and below we’ve listed some of the more beloved attractions.

Classic Architecture

New Orleans has a large number of districts that are listed in the National Historic Register, including the famous French Quarter. You can find classic examples of the stately and ornate southern mansions Creole townhouses, as well as the utilitarian shotgun houses and Creole cottages. Even the city’s cemeteries are elaborate, with aboveground tombs of carved marble and wrought iron. Our Storage Specialists can point in the right direction to find awesome architecture.

Delectable Food Choices

For some people, as soon as they hear the words “New” and “Orleans” they immediately picture overstuffed po’boys and muffulettas, bubbling jambalaya, and sweet beignets – some of the area’s hallmark food varieties. While in town, it will be difficult to avoid deliciousness no matter your culinary preferences, and we can help you pick some great options.

Culture & Diversity

Founded in 1718, New Orleans is not your typical colonial New England town. It started out as a French outpost, and later was ceded to the Spanish, all the while being infused with the traditions of American Indians and the continual influx of immigrant populations, which accounts for its engaging mix of architecture and influence. In short, New Orleans is like no other place in the world.

Music All Around

Like many cities, New Orleans buskers abound, but unlike many cities, music’s influence also infuses the culture and people. You’ll hear live music playing from homes, restaurants, bus stops, and people will be dancing, bopping and boogieing. Whatever your taste – jazz, blues, soul, rock and roll – the Big Easy can deliver.

Festive Spirit

Probably more than any other cultural phenomenon in New Orleans, the city may be known best for its festive spirit. Every month of the year there are at least two different festivals occurring, with some months having more than six specialty events. Most notably, Mardi Gras is a world-renowned parade and festival with decorated floats, krewes, music, and thousands of revelers every year.

We hope you love New Orleans as much as we do! Stop by and say hi at one of our NOLA storage locations and we can chat about all that the city has to offer. 

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