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How-To Keep Your Craft Room Clutterless

People crafting stuff together

Business or pleasure? When it comes to building your craft empire, you don't have to choose! Up your Etsy game with these simple rules for keeping a clean and productive craft room.

Put Your Walls to Work

Have craft supplies taken over every surface of your work room? Reclaim your space by utilizing your walls in interesting ways! Wall mounted spools work wonderfully for fabric, wrapping paper, and ribbon, and mounted pegs move your easily-misplaced items right into eyesight. Take some time to make your additions look as good as your crafts and you'll have wall art that's beautiful and functional!

(Photo: CNBhomes)

How-To Keep Your Craft Room Clutterless

ABL (Always Be Labeling)

You've been meaning to get around to it, but who has the time? Take a day, label your containers, and the hours you save will greatly outweight your time spent. (Plus stickering goes by super quick once you're in the zone!) If you're looking for label templates, many craft bloggers provide their custom layouts as downloads on their blogs, including Ashley Hackshaw who made the awesome labels below.

(Photo: Ashley Hackshaw)

How-To Keep Your Craft Room Clutterless

See it Through with See-Thru

Transparent containers make finding the little things much easier. Make sure every new piece of inventory hardware shows what's inside to save time looking for supplies. This works especially well for beads, sequins, and other tiny supplies that are quick to get lost in the shuffle. To avoid spillage, make sure your see-thru boxes come with a lid.

(Photo: The Crafty Pickle)

How-To Keep Your Craft Room Clutterless

Color Code for Easy Access

If you're the type of crafter who likes to have everything on hand and out of containers, it can be very difficult to keep track of your inventory. Color coding is an easy way to see how much of you have left of a certain supply and plan purchases accordingly. And when your materials are organized as attractively as this yarn shelf from Lucky Hanks, it makes absences of items much more glaring, thereby creating a sense of urgency to put something back where it belongs.

(Photo: Lucky Hanks)

How-To Keep Your Craft Room Clutterless
Thu, 2019-02-14 11:30

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