Self Storage Real Estate Acquisitions

If you need an exit strategy, and are looking to sell your self storage facilities, contact the Storage Post acquisitions team. We are qualified buyers with substantial knowledge and expertise in self storage real estate.

Storage Post is actively pursuing opportunities for growth and will make offers to monetize value for sellers. Our executive team of experienced real estate professionals is looking to aggressively deploy capital in its acquisition strategy and will evaluate property with consideration to the seller's needs.

Storage Post is currently looking for self storage for sale within Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, New York and New Jersey, but is open to commercial real estate opportunities nationwide. Storage Post value engineers offers to deliver a more attractive sale price than other companies and targets both single property and portfolio transactions.

If you are looking for a self storage broker, Storage Post can provide an alternative by offering a direct purchase of your real estate property.

For help selling your self storage facilities, contact the Storage Post Acquisitions Department now.

Tips for Self Storage Operators

Selling commercial real estate takes patience and requires forethought and attention to detail. Self storage operators have many factors to consider when preparing to sell self storage property. Here are five ways a self storage owner can prepare for a sale in today’s market.

  1. Complete Repairs and Improve Property Appearance Before placing your self storage property for sale, evaluate the facility from top to bottom. Repair anything that’s damaged, outdated or broken. Remove waste and clean the floors, sidewalks and customer service areas. A clean self storage property creates a better presentation to a potential buyer. Selling Self Storage Tips
  2. Remove Municipal Violations It is extremely important to a purchaser that governmental approvals, licenses and certificates are organized and up-to-date. Buyers in today’s economy require financing, which often involves checking all applicable permits and approvals for banks and lenders.
  3. Produce Complete and Accurate Financial Statements Initially, a self storage buyer may rely solely on the operational costs and expenses from the past 12 months, so your records should be complete and accurate. If negotiations begin, more in-depth financial records will be requested. You’ll make a good impression and speed along the process if you’re organized.
  4. Review and Organize the Rent Roll Analyze your self storage rent roll and categorize each storage unit’s attributes, including interior, ground floor, climate-controlled, etc. This step is important because a buyer will need to allocate multiple tiers of pricing for the storage facility’s units. Take a moment to group each unit, its location within the facility and how the customer accesses that unit to ensure the buyer has all the necessary information to project pricing.
  5. Meet with Professionals An appraisal objectively discusses all aspects of the real estate and provides an updated value based on comparable local sales. When a market has multiple competitors, it’s assuring to have an appraiser canvassing for rents and occupancies to bolster the buyer’s due diligence. Another good investment is to consult a qualified self storage broker. Real estate brokers have market knowledge that optimizes pricing, and they contribute experience and knowledge to a sale. If you keep these five tips in mind when preparing for a sale, you’ll streamline the process and earn buyer appreciation.

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