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Self-Storage in New Orleans

If you’re looking for self-storage in New Orleans, we’ve got you covered. 

The state of Louisiana is bordered by Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. New Orleans is in the southernmost part of the state, which ends at the Gulf of Mexico. Lots of weather rolls up the Gulf and into Louisiana, and most of the houses in New Orleans don’t have basements, so that could be a bit of a shock if you move there from a different part of the U.S. 

Louisiana has some unique storage issues, but Storage Post can help you take on those challenges head on. 

Curious to learn more about New Orleans? Read on.

The New Orleans Community

New Orleans started out as a French colony, then it fell under Spanish control, then went back to France before being sold to the U.S. in 1803 as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

During the Seven Years' War between Britain and France, residents of Acadia (now the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island) who were loyal to France were given the option of swearing allegiance to Britain or leaving. Many French-speaking Acadians ended up in New Orleans. “Acadian” was shortened to “Cadien” which eventually became "Cajun." Creole, on the other hand, reflects more Haitian or African roots. 

Louisiana had its share of plantations prior to the Civil War, and African influences added to the melting pot, including the African religion of Voodoo. While pop culture likes to associate voodoo with curses and gris-gris dolls with pins in them, the early voodoo kings and queens, including Dr. John and Marie Laveau, held considerable political influence in the 1800s. 

All those influences remain in New Orleans, whether you’re visiting the French Quarter, checking out the Latin Quarter or making a pilgrimage to St. Louis Cemetery No.1 to ask for Marie Laveau’s favor. And if you like to eat, New Orleans is the place to be with all its cultural heritage shining in the cuisine, from beignets to jambalaya to gumbo.

You cannot talk about New Orleans without talking about Mardi Gras, the two-week party before the Christian season of Lent occurs. There are parades, and they are serious business in NOLA, with different Krewes vying to be named Rex, king of Mardi Gras. Revelers collect strings of purple, green and gold beads, enjoy king cake, and if you find the toy baby in your slice then you're responsible for bringing the next king cake. 

If you’re wondering about the best neighborhoods in New Orleans, we’ve done some research for you. 

Storage Post Self-Storage Facilities Near New Orleans

We have several Storage Post self-storage facilities close to New Orleans area, so we’re sure to have a nearby location to meet your needs:

River Road, Jefferson, 70121
23rd Street, Kenner, 70062
East Airline Hwy, St. Rose, 70087

Why Choose Storage Post?

Most of Louisiana is below sea level, and New Orleans is built on a floodplain of the Mississippi River, so houses tend not to have basements. They are also built in a style designed to capture any breeze, since New Orleans in the summer is sweltering. 

There aren’t many closets or attics, so storage is at a premium. If you’re looking at self-storage options, be sure to consider our climate-controlled units — all that Louisiana heat and humidity is bad for furniture, clothing and photographs, and it can make vehicles rust pretty quickly. 

Louisiana is called the “Bayou State” and 15% of the state is covered in water. So if you love boating, kayaking, fishing and other water-related activities, you’ve come to the right state. All those outdoor toys take space, and self-storage units are a great solution. In fact, some of our facilities are right on the Mississippi, which gives you easy access to your swamp boat!

We make sure our self-storage units are well lit, but make sure you take a careful look around if your unit has been sitting undisturbed for a bit. Gators are the stars of the swamp tours, but brown recluse spiders have a bad attitude and a nasty bite.

New Orleans is a city of history, culture, jazz, parties and food, and an undeniably fascinating place to call home. If you need help finding some extra space, pop into one of our Storage Post locations and we’ll help you out!

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