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  • If you just need to store a few things, a locker may be the perfect option.
  • Store a few boxes of books, seasonal clothes, or your secret collection of Menudo CDs.
  • Typically positioned conveniently close to the entrance.
Iconographic view of a storage locker, storing a couple of boxes.


  • Ideal for smaller pieces of furniture.
  • Typically sized around 5'x5', but check unit descriptions.
  • Great for boxes of beanie babies, lava lamps. cabbage patch dolls, and more!
Iconographic view of a small storage unit containing an office chair and a handful of boxes.


  • Clear out your clutter with this conveniently-sized unit.
  • Enough space for a typical one-bedroom apartment (but you can't live in it!).
Iconographic view of a medium storage unit, holding some cabinets, chairs, and a number of boxes.


  • Suitable storage for a typical single-family house.
  • Plenty of space for all your favorite 8-tracks, Betamax tapes and floppy disks.
Iconographic view of a large 10x10 storage unit, holding a number of boxes, cabinets, and chairs.


  • If this were in Manhattan, it would be a mansion.
  • Will fit a full-sized dining table and chairs, or a full-sized stuffed rhino (if that's your thing).
  • Great for commercial or small business storage needs.
Iconographic view of an extra-large (XL) storage unit, holding a whole ton of stuff.


  • You know... it's a parking space!
  • You can store your motorbike or RV too, though, if you'd like.
Iconographic view of a parking space, holding a cool old car in "Storage Post green"
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