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Storage Post facilities remain OPEN during the current Shelter-in-Place orders. LEARN MORE about the Storage Post response to COVID-19.

Storage Unit Auctions

Storage Post works with auctioneers in every state to schedule and run all storage auctions. Auctions are organized by self storage companies as a last resort to sell units that have been abandoned, intentionally or due to a change in finances.

For some, bidding on the contents of a storage unit can be a money-making venture, but it’s also a gamble. When you attend a storage auction as a bidder, you are shown the locker or space, but are prohibited from entering or touching any of the contents. Plastic storage containers may be closed, boxes piled up and large items covered so you can’t tell what that are – but that’s part of the fun of bidding. And, for the most part, you’re bidding on everything in the unit.

Self storage unit auctions are really taking off due to shows like Storage Wars creating buzz in a previously quiet practice. A few years ago, an auctioneer may have been lucky to see 20 people attending an auction. Today, a self storage auction may attract a couple hundred people seeking profits and thrills in storage units.

If you decide to attend one of our storage unit auctions bring cash, staff to move items you purchase and tax identification certificates, if applicable. Cash is the only method of payment at Storage Post self storage auctions, so bid carefully; winning bids cannot be withdrawn. All auction attendees must register at the front office prior to the beginning of the auction. Please contact the store in advance to confirm actual auction times.

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