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Moving Day Checklist

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Need help organizing for your move? We’ve got a check-list to keep you on track. 

Moving day is right around the corner. Preparing today will pay off big when that day comes, especially with the often oversized task of moving. To help you with this project we’ve complied a moving day checklist for all of those last minute details that can slip our minds:

Hire Movers

Whether your paying a crew or hiring your friends and family, have your movers organized before moving day. Make sure they’re ready and you have a process in place for them.

Kid Care

If you’re moving across town, rather than cross the country, you’ll want to find someone to care for your children and pets during the big move – for efficiency, their safety and possibly even your sanity.

Free Food

If you’ve recruited helpers to get you from Point A to Point B, then it has become customary to feed them. Prepare a light meal or make a big pizza order to give them the sustenance they need to lug that heavy furniture.

Score Those Digits

You never know when you might get separated from your movers, or that friend-of-a-friend gets lost with your couch in his truck. Make sure to swap phone numbers so you can stay in contact.

Pay Day

If you’ve hired movers, make paying them a simple task. Learn up front how they prefer to be paid and have that cash, check, or credit card number ready and waiting.

Map It Out

Don’t assume everyone will know the best way to get to your new, deluxe apartment. Have maps for friends and movers to guide them to the final destination.

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