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5 Ways to Make Space in Your Tiny Dorm Room

A clean looking office space

Living in a dorm means living in a tiny space. And you share it. Here are 5 ways to maximize those precious inches and claim them as your own. 

1. Turn Magazine Holder into a Night Stand

Having a private “cubby” by your bed can solve all sorts of shared-space issues. If you can hang it near an outlet, it’s a safe place for your phone while you sleep, too. Credit: DesignSponge.com


Magazine holder becomes corner nightstand

2. These Ain’t Your Mama’s College Milk Crates

We love dual-purpose storage at Storage Post. And this milk crate project is perfect for shared dorm rooms, adding seating and storage. Credit: MsFultzsCorner.com  


Milk crate turned storage bench

3. Raise Your Beds – and Power Up

If you aren’t already using something to raise your bed off the floor, you are wasting valuable space. These risers lift it another 7 inches and serve as a power outlet and charging station to boot. Credit: Bed, Bath & Beyond  

Bed risers with power outlet

4. Yours, Mine and Ours

This may seem silly, but the last thing you need is your roomie unplugging your laptop just before you hit save. Grab those little plastic tabs, a sharpie and use one for each cord. Credit: ApartmentTherapy.com 

Plastic tabs tame cords

5. Double Your Closet Space

If you toss that tab each time you have a soda (or any canned beverage), you’ll be missing out on a great space maker. Slide one onto the top of a hanger and double your hanging space. Credit: funcage.com

Soda pop tabs as hanger connectors

BONUS: Use a Storage Unit When Home for Summer

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