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Queens is one of the five boroughs of New York City, and while it’s not as densely populated as Manhattan, with a population of 2.3 million, it can hold its own. If Queens were a city, it would be ranked fourth-largest in the U.S., ahead of Philadelphia and Chicago.

The Battle of Long Island was the first volley in the Revolutionary War. It is attached to the mainland by The Bronx and extends 120 miles parallel to the coast of Connecticut. 

Brooklyn is located in the southwestern area of Long Island (but not considered part of Long Island), and separated from Manhattan by the East River, to the west by the Upper and Lower New York bays, and to the south by the Atlantic Ocean. 

With Long Island Sound to the southeast, the Hudson River to the west and Connecticut to the east, Westchester County is a picturesque part of New York. It was one of the original twelve counties of New York and has been in existence since 1683. 

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