Advice from The Clutterologist: Crafts, DIY and Hobby Q&A

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Q. Some of our customers don't have space in their apartments for more than the essentials, yet they are avid DIY crafters and hobbyists. What tips do you have for incorporating crafts or hobbies into a small space? 

Clutterologist Solution

A. Just as you would create a small office area in your home/apartment, you can create the same small craft area with a table or desk.  If you are able to use a portion of a closet to store crafts, I would suggest portable and mobile solutions that you can take out and put back easily. 

You can also re-purpose furniture like dresser drawers to contain craft supplies.  When you have garage or storage space available, it is best to store things out there that you may only access a couple times a year like holiday items, off-season clothes, excess luggage, old keepsakes, etc. This allows more space in the home for frequently used items such as crafts. 

Here are some craft storage examples: