Advice from The Clutterologist: Student and College Storage Q&A

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The Clutterologist advises students about sharing space in a dorm for the first time, dealing with messy roommates, and what to do with all those t-shirts.

"I am an only child..."

Q. I am an only child, away for the first time at college. I've never had to share anything - clothes, TV, a brush. What advice do you have for helping me transition to my new environment while keeping my things "mine?"

A. I am also an only child and sharing a dorm room at college was an awkward transition for me. I kept small, stackable containers of my things on my side of the room so it wouldn't end up lost or hidden under my roommate's things.  By keeping my side of the room organized and having a designated home for everything, I was able to visually keep up with my personal stuff and keep track when things were missing.

"He's messy and I'm neat..."


Q. How can my roommate and I peacefully share space when he's messy and I'm neat?

A. "I had a messy roommate during my college years and the only way I was able to peacefully co-exist was to keep their things on their side ... even if it meant picking up their clothes on the floor and putting it on their bed.  I offered to help keep them neat but they declined the offer, therefore, I just focused on keeping my side neat and organized and pushing their things over the imaginary line down the center of the floor."

"More T-shirts than I know what to do with..."


Q. If it's a college event ... they are giving away T-shirts. I have more T-shirts than I know what to do with. I won't wear them all, but I don't want to give them away. What's a creative way I can store/display them?

A. "The easiest way to store extra T-shirts for keepsakes or to give to others is to use vacuum-sealed bags that take up half the space and can be stored under beds or in the top of a closet."



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