Five Most-Popular Stored Items in Self-Storage Units

At some point, most people look around and realize they have too much stuff. Whether it’s because they’re about to move or because they want more space in the house, these people probably need a place to store some of their possessions.  

Deciding what to put in a self-storage unit can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve lived in the same home for a long time. If you’re like the vast majority, you have things you’re not ready to get rid of, but don’t need to access every day - this is where you should start. If you happen to live or work in the Paterson or Haledon area, you will have access to our newest location.

Here we’ll share the five most-popular stored items in self-storage units. If these are the kinds of things you’re hoping to store, a self-storage unit is the solution! 

1. Furniture  

From valuable family pieces to that table you bought but just don’t have room for, furniture is the No. 1 item kept in self-storage. Considering how expensive furniture can be, holding onto pieces you want, rather than having to buy new later, is a great investment.  

If you’re concerned about pests getting to your furniture (even though most  storage units will be closed tightly), cover the pieces in drop cloths and place mothballs and rodent traps strategically in the unit.  

2. Seasonal Decor

Everyone loves it when the holiday decorations come out, but finding a place to store them the rest of the year can be a chore. If you change decor throughout the year, self-storage is a great way to keep it all in one place and out of the way. 

Consider keeping seasonal decor in color-coded bins for easy retrieval. Pastels for spring, black and orange for Halloween, and dark reds, greens and blues for winter holidays will let you know exactly what you need. 

3. Appliances and Electronics

Even when they aren’t brand new, appliances and electronics are valuable. A self-storage unit is the perfect place for the blender and vacuum you plan to give your kid when they move out of the house, or the game console you know you’ll want to use again. 

Be sure your electronics and appliances are packed safely in boxes with any important cords or chargers.  

4. Collectibles 

Antiques, art, rare items and other collectibles can be valuable for financial and/or sentimental reasons. Still, you may not want all of it displayed all the time. Self-storage units are safe places for these important items. 

Depending on the type of collectibles you’re storing, you may need a climate-controlled self-storage unit. Very old pieces, especially, can be sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.   

5. Books and Media

Books, periodicals, home movies, photos, music collections and other media can be among the hardest things to get rid of. They hold the histories of our families, the world and pop culture. Yet, we don’t need them cluttering our living space at all times. 

These items are among the most irreplaceable, so take great care when storing them. Use waterproof bins, or at least keep book and media boxes elevated. 

Enclosed self-storage units are not open to the elements so things like rain and snow should not be an issue. In fact, Storage Post’s units are designed to keep even standing water out. But if you’re in an area prone to flooding and worried about items getting damaged, consider one of our interior units with doors that aren’t exposed to the outside.  

Still, if something spills or water gets in when the unit is open, it’s best to have your most precious possessions protected. 

Most likely, at least one of the five most-popular stored items in self-storage units is on your radar to store. Take care to store them properly and safely, and they’ll be ready for use when you need them.