Five Situations Where a Self Storage Unit Can Save You Money

You’ve heard the saying, “Sometimes you have to spend money to make money.” It’s also true that sometimes you can save money in the long run by spending a little in the meantime. 

Here, we’ll go over five situations where a self-storage unit can save you money. We’ll also clarify a couple of things that will definitely cost you when you rent from a storage facility.

1. Moving From One Home to Another

When you sell, buy or rent a home, the timeline isn’t always ideal. In some cases, a gap exists before moving into the new house. 

During that gap, you might rent an Airbnb or stay with friends or family. The problem is, you probably won’t have space for all of your belongings in the temporary residence. Yet, you don’t want to get rid of it because you’ll need it in the new home. 

Self-storage is the perfect solution. You’ll spend far less on a couple of weeks or months of storage than you would replacing everything you don’t have room for in the temporary space. Be organized with your packing and label everything to make the unpacking process a breeze. For example, if you are moving our of NYC for more spacious accommodations, you may think Paterson, NJ, its a great location and close to our Haledon Location in New Jersey.

2. Space-Saving

We’re always being told to reduce clutter and organize our living space to improve our physical and mental wellbeing and home aesthetic. Of course, depending on the size of your home, it may or may not be possible to keep everything you truly want and maintain the organization you need. 

A self-storage unit is like your big closet away from home. You can keep living in a smaller space when the things you don’t need all the time are off-site most of the time.

Think of things like seasonal decorations, camping gear and sentimental items that you can rotate in and out of display in your home (photo albums, knick knacks, etc.).  

This concept is also great for small businesses. If you’re not ready to rent a larger office or find a small warehouse, rent a self-storage unit for extra inventory and records. The amenities of self-storage units can help small businesses in many ways.  

3. Preserving an Investment

Collectors consider their items an investment, whether it’s classic cars, fine art or antique furniture. Not all collectors have the kind of home storage space that these delicate and expensive pieces require. 

A climate-controlled self-storage unit is the perfect place to store your prized collectibles to ensure they stay in mint condition. Everything from humidity to sunlight to dust can chip away at the value of your collectibles and counter all the work you’ve done for your investment. 

Have a discussion with the staff of the storage facility about what you plan to store to get their expert input on what will work best for you. 

4. Storing for Future Plans

It’s common practice to hang on to things that we think we might use someday. Truthfully, lots of things end up never getting used again and taking up space in our homes for decades. 

However, certain things should be kept. If you have children and purchased things like a crib, stroller and large toys for your first, it makes sense to reuse them for your second, third, fourth, etc. You’ll save money and time not having to restock these major baby supplies. (Check out our post on creating space for a new baby with a self-storage unit.)

Perhaps you have a teenager who will soon need a car or head off to college. Help them get a great start by storing that car you’re replacing or some furniture and basic apartment supplies.

5. Extended Time Away from Home

When you have an opportunity to travel extensively or take a dream job that will require you to travel, you don’t necessarily want to sell everything you own to do it. Self-storage means you don’t have to keep your stuff in your home when you won’t even be living in it. 

Pro tip: If someone you trust will be traveling or working with you, consider splitting the cost and space of a self-storage unit. Then you can work together to load (and unload) the rental.  

This is also a great option for people and families in the military who can frequently change locations but want to hold on to some things in their hometown.

Final Thoughts

Yes, you’re going to pay for a self-storage unit. Depending on the size of the unit, as well as the type and amenities it includes, you could spend a little or you could spend a lot. 

It all comes down to whether or not the things you’re storing are worth the money and effort of self-storage, and if skipping self-storage might cost you in other expenses down the road. 

But if you find yourself in any of these five situations where a self-storage unit can save you money, the cost could be well worth it.