How to Choose the Right Storage Unit Location in the City

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Living within city limits can mean cutting down on storage space within your own four walls. Thinking about getting a storage unit? Here are some things to consider:


How often will you need to get in and out of your storage facility? Will you only visit a couple times a year, or will you need to visit frequently? Be sure to check the hours of accessibility at the location you choose to see if they will match your lifestyle.


If you’re going to need to retrieve items from your unit frequently, it may serve you best to choose a location near you. However, if you can go a long stretch without visiting, you may be able to get a better price farther from the city.

Items to be Stored

What sort of items will be stored in your storage unit? If you’re going to store plastic children’s toys and some spare furniture, you may be able to get away with choosing a very basic unit. If you are storing items that are sensitive to heat, cold or other elements, it would serve you best to choose a unit that is climate-controlled.


Be sure to look into security at the facility for the best protection for you while you’re moving in, and the best protection for your items long-term. Make sure there are security cameras, motion-activated lights and secure entryways at minimum.

Don’t jump into a decision about a storage unit; do your research before choosing a storage unit in the city. Happy storing!