How Do I Keep My Items Secure?

Security camera pointing in a direction

There is more to storage than just square footage and location. Before choosing a storage provider it's important to research the facility's security amenities so your stored items are as protected as possible. It’s important to take extra steps to keep them safe in storage.

Choose Wisely

Do your homework when renting a storage unit. Ask the hard questions about what safety precautions are taken by the storage facility. If security is a priority, look for a unit that includes:

  • Video recording
  • Secure access points
  • Motion-sensor lighting
  • Individual unit alarms
  • Interior loading areas

Take Action into Your Own Hands

There are a number of padlocks you can use on your storage unit. Each has its own benefits:

Disc locks – Disc locks are likely your best bet for a storage unit. They’re made of heavy-duty stainless steel, making them hard to break with bolt cutters. Many disc locks also come with anti-pick mechanisms, double deadbolts and shielded shackles.

Shackle padlocks – These locks are typically opened with a key and are made of steel or other hard metals. They’re very common, but they’re also easy to cut with bolt cutters.

Combination lock – Just as the name suggests, these locks require a combination of numbers that line up on a dial. A single dial lock is more effective than other combination locks. Single dials require numbers to be entered by turning the dial back and forth.

One-time-use padlocks – It’s all in the name. No keyholes. No combinations. These padlocks must be cut off when you’re ready to open the storage unit. They’re best for long-term storage.

Think Twice About What You Store

Some things just don’t belong in a storage unit, including irreplaceable items. It may be a priceless object, or it’s sentimentally priceless to you. Either way, if an item would be a devastating loss, think twice before leaving it behind at your storage unit. For these items, consider a lock-box or safe you can keep in your home.

We know that security is one of your top priorities when you’re storing your items. Just remember: choose a secure facility, get the right type of lock for your needs, and reconsider storing irreplaceable items in your unit and you’ll minimize the risk of issues down the road.