How Do I Organize for My Move?


After years in a home, you’ve accumulated more than just memories. 

Somehow, your home is now stuffed to the rafters with stuff. From old clothes to every Christmas decoration you’ve crammed into the attic, packing now seems like an impossible task.

That’s why we've compiled a checklist to organize your move.

Plan Ahead

Start packing as early as possible. This gives you the opportunity to spread out the packing process over a few weeks or months. Just getting the ball rolling will make moving day feel like a breeze.

Color Code

When boxing up your belongings, create a color system. Use colored packing tape or write on the boxes in different colored ink. Each color will represent a different room in the house. This way, when you’ve reached your new home, it’s obvious right away where each box belongs.

Stock Up

You can buy your packing supplies directly from Storage Post at our online store. To make moving those boxes a little easier, make sure you’re putting the right items in the right size box:

  • Small box – 1.5 cubic feet – for heavy, small and fragile items
  • Medium box – 3.1 cubic feet – for kitchen appliances, toys and clothes
  • Large box – 4.5 cubic feet – for large, light items like pillows or towels

Step by Step

Pack one room at a time. Going room by room will offer a sense of accomplishment and keep you focused.

Prepare to Unpack


Stow all of your essentials together into one or two boxes per room. Label these boxes “Open Me First.” Knowing where to start unpacking will make the transition to your new home a little easier.