How Do I Pick the Right Storage Unit?

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Storage units come in many sizes with different features. No matter your need, there is a unit out there that's perfect for your stored items. First, we should consider what you need to accomplish with a storage unit. Not sure? Fear not! This simple guide can help you choose the best unit.

Size Matters

Size will be determined by what you’re storing. If you’re looking for a place to keep documents, maybe you only need a 5’ by 5’ storage unit. If you’re moving out of an apartment and need a temporary home for your home furnishings, a 10’ by 30’ unit may be necessary. 

Start by making a list. Write down everything you plan on storing so you can get a visual of your storage needs. Also, make sure you choose a storage company with flexible unit sizes and features.

Chill Out in Your Unit

If your list of stored items includes those that can be damaged by the elements, you’ll want to consider a climate-controlled unit. These units will help no matter the weather by keeping the temperature consistent in the unit, protecting from issues like mildew and rust.

Items that may need a climate-controlled unit include:

  • Electronics
  • Leather or wooden furniture
  • Seasonal items
  • Musical instruments
  • Machinery



Whether your storing framed artwork, or your kids’ refrigerator-worthy paintings, you’ll want a secure storage unit. Consider picking a storage company that offers:

  • Video recording with security cameras
  • Secure access points
  • Motion-sensor lighting
  • Individual unit alarms
  • Interior loading areas

If you do snag a unit with an alarm system, never give out your code or lock combination. Also, that alarm will add a layer of protectioj, but you still need to remember to lock your unit when you leave.

For more help finding the perfect storage unit for your needs, check out our Storage Calculator.