How-To Make Your Move Fun (Kinda)

Kid playing with a sprinkler

Finding a new place will always be stressful, but moving day can actually be a good time! Sort of! Follow these tips and get the most out of your move.

Make your move fun (kinda)

Being friends with someone is mostly awesome. No matter what obstacles you might face together, you have their back and can trust that they have yours. It’s one of the most comforting understoods that we can achieve in our lifetime.

But then moving day comes. Suddenly all your friends are busy with very important obligations. That guy you know with a truck moved to Yemen. Your buddy who does crossfit has “a thing that day”, presumably a vital seminar on muscle confusion. Even your notoriously law-abiding mother is busy with a court date. So why the disappearing act during crunch time? The answer is simple: most people suck at making moving day enjoyable.

Sure, solicicting  all the weird stuff you’ve accumulated over the years is always going to be a big ask, but with a few extra preparations you can make it less “obligation” and more “celebration”!  Read our suggestions below and make your move a party (or at least an event that kind of resembles one).

Step 1. Make a Killer Playlist

Ever try going for a jog without headphones? It’s like trudging through molasses, right? The same philosophy applies to moving. A good DJ can turn an all-day move into a seemingly quick cardio and lifts session. Make your stereo the last thing you move out and the first thing you move in, then you can be sure your workforce will stay motivated. Just avoid slow jams (unless they happen to be perfect for a cheesy sing-along).

Step 2. Get pizza. And lots of it.

Speaking of cheesy, mozzarella and bread probably isn’t the best combination if you want your movers to feel light on their feet, but what’s the alternative? Luring people in with trail mix and ants on a log? Fat chance! Pun intended! Pile the pizza boxes high and let folks nosh throughout the day. Or you could always promise to buy them dinner later. And drinks. And wow, now they’re ordering dessert! Buy some pies and dodge that moment of looking at a bill and realizing professional movers would’ve been more affordable.

Step 3. Institute a Strict Dibs Policy

Usually digging all of your stuff out of closets means finding a few dozen things that you could donate. And who is in more need than your friends who couldn’t find a reasonable excuse to get out of helping you move? Let your team know when an item is up for grabs. Then be amazed while watching them flip coins or roshambo for that tiki mug you totally forgot about. You’re entertained, and they get their holiday shopping done. That’s a win-win!

Step 4. Make Sure You Seem Busy

If you’ve ever lugged a friend’s couch into their new home while they alphabetize their record collection, you know how quickly a favor can turn to frustration. Even if you can’t participate in the heavy lifting, make sure your volunteers catch you doing chores that appear even less fun. This may mean recleaning an already spotless oven or patching over imaginary holes in walls. As long as you’re not sitting idly by while your stronger friends tackle the armoire, you will keep morale up.

Step 5. Don’t Stress Scratches

The only thing worse than a movee that just stands and hovers is one that constantly reminds the movers to not bump the walls. Should your friends be able to handle a simple task without ruining your deposit? Probably. Does fretting over a possible ding in the banister help someone with a grand piano in their hands do a better job? Absolutely 100% no. Expect perfection from your “elite” team of friends that were available on a Tuesday at 1PM and you’re bound to be disappointed. In fact, they might use the surfacing of your control issues as an opportunity to bring up some underlying disconnects in your friendship as a whole. Or even worse: they won’t help you move next year.