How to Optimize Home Storage with Self-Storage

Life has a habit of throwing curveballs, and sometimes we end up with too much stuff and not enough space. One way to optimize home storage is to rent an offsite self-storage storage unit. In this article, we’ll show you how to optimize home storage with a self-storage unit by exploring four common scenarios.

1. When You Have a Small Space and Lots of Stuff

If you have a small home or condo, space is always at a premium. An easy way to optimize your home storage is to use a self-storage unit for out-of-season things such as seasonal decor, lawnmowers or snowblowers, sports equipment and camping items that you use only part of the year. 

Things like specialized cooking equipment such as canning jars, pots, the turkey fryer and great-grandma’s china set can take a great deal of home storage space when you only use them a couple of times a year. Free up that space by moving them to a storage unit.

You can even do motorcycle storage, boat storage, RV storage or car storage for those bigger items.

2. When You Have a Home-Based Business

Maybe you were already an entrepreneur, or the pandemic spurred you to open your own business or take on a side hustle. If you need to keep inventory, supplies or orders for customers, those items can quickly take over every available corner of your house.

One easy way to solve the issue is to rent self-storage. That way, you have access to your business supplies and inventory without having to sacrifice every inch of space in your home.

Keeping previous years’ paperwork in an off-site storage facility is another way to optimize your home office. You usually need to keep seven years of paperwork for business/tax purposes, but it doesn’t have to be in your basement.

3. When You Have Cherished Possessions

When a loved one dies, for example, it can be hard to go through the belongings and decide what to do with them. Sometimes, these possessions are intended for a person who needs time to make arrangements to pick them up. 

Instead of bringing everything home, rent a self-storage unit. That way, you can sort through the treasures at your own pace, without the stress of four dressers and an armoire where your favorite stuff used to be.

4. When You’re Moving In, Moving Out or Moving on

Are you renovating? Are you downsizing or transitioning to a new living situation? Do you need to depersonalize your home to sell it? One of the easiest ways to optimize your home storage is to use a self-storage unit for “overflow”.

Staging a house for sale isn’t easy, and moving excess furniture, knickknacks and other items into a storage unit will make the eventual move easier. Plus, it leaves your home ready for others to imagine their furniture in the space.

Or, if you have a job such as in the armed forces, where you could be deployed overseas for months on end, a self-storage unit can make a great deal of sense, especially if you aren’t sure where you will be at the end of the deployment.

Final Thoughts

Whether your life is in transition, you have a home-based business, or you are renovating or selling your home, a self-storage unit can provide a straightforward, affordable solution to your storage needs and optimize the storage space in your home.