How-To Plan an Estate Sale

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Having to handle a bunch of belongings after a loved one passes isn’t exactly easy. But with a little help, your estate sale can go by in a breeze.

How to plan an estate sale

Planning an estate sale tends to become a headache. Obviously anyone in this situation is juggling a lot, but with the added input of relatives, friends, and acquaintances… well, let’s just say it’s nowhere near as simple as a yard sale. Hopefully our guide can help alleviate some of the surface tension. Follow the tips below to make your estate sale a seamless one.

Take a Quick Inventory

Clean out the drawers, cabinets, and closets to get an idea of what you’re working with. A seemingly simple estate sale can get bogged down in a hurry once you realize there’s not just one junk drawer but several. Pair like items together to keep everything sorted and in plain sight.

Consult the Necessary Parties

Isn’t it curious how stuff can be the source of so much drama? To avoid any unnecessary confrontation, consult all worthy parties with your inventory. What you believe to be “just a spoon” might actually be a cousin’s childhood keepsake. It’s better to deal with these things now, not only to avoid stepping on any sensitive toes, but to cut down on the items you have to sell or donate.

Group Similar Belongings

People who frequent estate and yard sales are often skimmers over diggers. Try and sell the whole lot haphazardly and folks who might otherwise be interested in an item will skip right over it. Appeal to the specialty buyers by grouping similar items together. Not only will this sell items faster, but it will make any leftovers much easier to sort.

Price to Sell

The last thing you want after an estate sale is a bunch of stuff to toss or donate. Try to be realistic about your pricing and remain open to negotiation, especially when it comes to outdated items or anything that needs repairs. Most of the people that come through will be expecting a massive value, so make sure to price sticker according to their wants and needs over yours. This will make your estate sale quick and easy, and will cut down on to-dos after the fact.