How-To Store Small Belongings the Right Way

Beads with letters

Sure, good things come in small packages, but that doesn’t make them easy to keep track of! Check out this guide for a few ingenious ways to store smaller keepsakes and gadgets.

Decluttering and storing large items is a fairly straight-forward process. You decide if you have space for the thing, and if you don’t, you store it or sell it. These items are easy to account for when you’re considering space in your home or unit. But accounting for smaller items like jewelry, cables, knick knacks, or chotskies can be a bit more difficult. This how-to will walk you through a few ways to simplify the organization of your easy-to-lose belongings.

Step 1: Labels Are Your Friends

Never underestimate the power of a well-planned labeling system. Even if organization isn’t up your alley, marking what’s what before you store can save you a huge headache in the long run. If you’re in the midst of a move, you can label by room, or if you’re storing long-term, it might help to get specific about the things in each container. “Jewelry” might prove to be a bit general once you’re digging through the boxes, so consider getting specific with “Neckaces” or “Rings”. The same goes for items you might need to access quickly; the more specific, the better.

Step 2: Get Inventive with Containers

Throwing a bunch of smaller items into a plastic container willy nilly doesn’t exactly make them easy to look through later. Sure, you could Ziploc everything, but if you’re hoping to preserve your items, you’re going to want a better system. Ice cube trays and daily pill organizers make the really tiny things easy to keep track of, and transparent shoe holders can do wonders for any cables you’d like to keep untangled. Look at what you already own and get imaginative. Chances are you already have the perfect container on hand.

Step 3: Use Furniture to Your Advantage

It seems obvious, but if you’re storing a dresser, you’ve got a super handy organizer at the ready. While your clothes or dishes might end up in them when they’re out of storage, your armoires and china cabinets make great space for a wide variety of smaller items while they’re in your unit. Use the labeling and container tips above and your larger pieces of furniture could get packed to the gills with all the stuff you’re looking to store.