Just Married - Merging Your Belongings

Married couple holding hands

The wedding was a blast, but now what do you do with all your stuff? Don’t get bogged down in your belongings! Follow these tips to make the process a breeze.

Okay, so you just got married, and now there’s all this... stuff. Your stuff, their stuff, wedding presents galore… What are you going to do with all of it? Sometimes it’s pretty easy to decide what to get rid of (looking at you, Pulp Fiction poster!), but occasionally making these decisions can be a huge source of newlywed stress. Check the tips below to start your married life off right.

Start With Your Must-Haves

Go through your items with your partner and pick the things that you simply can’t part with. Allow them to do the same. You might find that you agree on many of the items, but then others require a bit more discussion. Be willing to compromise on the non-necessities. This should give you a good idea of how much stuff will definitely be in your new home.

Get Rid of Duplicates

Combining belongings often means that you’ll end up with two or three of the same item. Instead of moving everything in and figuring it out later, look through your belongings first and pair duplicates. From there, picking which one to keep should be pretty straight-forward. Then you can donate or sell your duplicates for a little extra spending money.

Be Mindful of Closet Space

For some married couples, combining closets can be a shock to the system. Maybe you didn’t realize just how many shoes your partner had, or maybe they didn’t fully understand how deep your love of Star Wars collectibles goes. No matter the case, there are plenty of solutions to make more closet space. Rent a storage unit, invest in space saving containers, or have a yard sale to declutter your closets ahead of time.

Start Fresh with Functional Furniture

Moving into a space together will prove pretty quickly which furnishings work in the new arrangement and which don’t. You might even find that neither your or your partner’s pieces work in your newly shared space. In this case, consider selling or storing your old furniture and getting a fresh start with functional items that have built-in storage, like bed frames with drawers or multi-tiered coffee tables. Not only will this give you more space, but it will also give your place a new energy for the beginnings of married life.