Make Storage Post Part of Your Overall Business Plan

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Lack of storage space at your business can lead to a messy office overflowing with documents, inventory, equipment and supplies. Plus, you may be paying increased rental rates for a larger office to house items you don’t necessarily use every day. Streamline your business by securely storing your inventory and supplies at Storage Post!

Safely Store Documents

Filing cabinets fill up fast! Our climate controlled storage units will protect your documents from fluctuations in temperature and humidity—all factors which can contribute to mold and mildew growth, fading, and warping.

Handle Home Office Overflow

Has your home office started to spill over into the rest of your home? Maybe you started storing extra items in a closet, but it grew to a larger space, and then eventually started encroaching into your living areas? Take back your living spaces! Self storage offers you the room to spread out while keeping everything organized and in its place.

Manage Retail Inventory

Safely store and organize all of your overstock inventory and excess supplies in your Storage Post storage unit. You can also make extra room in your on-site storerooms and closets by storing your seasonal decorations and items that you don’t use every day with us. 

Store Extra Equipment and Materials

Real estate agents as well as companies who use big, heavy equipment (mechanics, construction workers, landscapers) need a convenient place to store related materials and equipment. Real estate agents need a place to store their open house signs, furniture, and decor. Businesses that use construction equipment and materials need somewhere within their geographical work zone to store excess or temporarily out of use items. No matter your equipment or materials, Storage Post has just the right solution. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Convenient Access Hours:Your business runs around the clock—which is why you need a storage company that is always there for you. At Storage Post, we offer long office hours and 24-hour convenient access to your business storage unit.
  • Affordable, All-Inclusive Monthly Rates:Storage units are a great alternative to warehouses and commercial leases with long-term commitments. Plus, unlike warehouse and commercial leases, our self storage rent is all-inclusive.That means you never receive extra charges for items like common area maintenance (lobbies, halls, and elevators), property taxes, and utilities.
  • Multi-layered Security:Most of our storage facilities are fenced and gated and only accessible through a keypad entered private code. We also incorporate call boxes, surveillance cameras, and monitoring personnel throughout each facility.
  • We Accept Deliveries:Save time, money, and energy by having your packages delivered to your business storage unit. Ask your location about your options for receiving mail packages.

Bring Your Business Equipment, Inventory, and Supplies to Storage Post

If your business needs secure inventory, equipment, and materials storage, contact your local Storage Post facility today. Our staff will happily help you find a unit (or units) perfectly suited to your needs.