Packing Checklist

Clean desk with notebook

There is no lack of tasks when packing up your home, and it’s all too easy to miss that small, minuscule chore. Storage Post has you covered. Here’s your packing checklist, laid out just for you. Go ahead, add it to your honey-do list and see how quickly the packing process gets accomplished.


First things first, take a trip to the store or our online store for all your packing needs.

  • Blank Newsprint (printed newspaper transfers ink) or other packing paper
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Cardboard Storage Shelves

Packing the Living Room

  • Pack smaller objects on the bottom of a box. Lighter objects go on top.
  • Pillows are great for keeping fragile items safe.
  • Did you keep your electronics’ original packaging? Those work best for moving. If not, you’ll want plenty of bubble wrap.
  • Don’t crush your lampshades! Pack them in their own individual boxes.
  • Cover your upholstered furniture. Either leave slipcovers on them or wrap them in plastic covers.
  • Do your back a favor and don’t pack boxes over 40 pounds.

Packing your Wardrobe

  • Go ahead and leave your clothes on the hangers. Just hang them both in a wardrobe carton to keep them from wrinkling or getting damaged.
  • Put only one layer of shoes in the bottom of a wardrobe carton. We don’t want to weigh down those boxes.
  • Loosely pack hats together in one box. Mark it as fragile to keep your lids safe.
  • Save space by putting bulky items in compression bags. Sweaters and blankets can shrink down in these bags when the air is pulled out.


Just because you haven’t used your fine china in seven years doesn’t make it any less valuable. Take extra time and precautions when packing breakables.

  • Use a table or other surface as a packing station.
  • Create a cushion layer on the bottom of each box with crumpled paper or bubble wrap.
  • Use cardboard shelves to create layers between breakables.
  • Wrap every cup, vase or bowl in bubble wrap. Fill the open end with packing paper.
  • Individually wrap every plate or serving dish with packing paper. Keep bubble wrap between each breakable item.
  • Fill gaps in the boxes with packing peanuts or crumpled packing paper.
  • Leave room at the top of each box for additional cushioning.

Your final step goes without saying, but we’ll tell you for good measure. Make sure to write “Fragile” on these boxes so anyone handling them knows to treat with care.