Packing Tips for Your Move

Office supplies on a table

Moving everything you and your family owns from one location to another can be frustrating, but we have a few tips to help make this time of transition a bit easier and less stressful for everyone.


Be sure you have LOTS of boxes (probably more than you think), strong plastic packing tape (to securely close the boxes), packing paper, and bubble wrap. To make sure you are prepared, purchase extra supplies and then return anything that is unused after your moving truck is packed.

Listing and labeling

Spend time writing everything down while you pack and you’ll save yourself a lot of time and frustration when it comes time to unload and unpack at your new place. Create a list and number each box on the sides, not the tops, so you can identify each of the boxes when they are stacked. Write the specific contents of each box next to the corresponding number on your list. You’ll be less likely to forget any boxes and this also keeps the contents private. Designate a color for each room in the new home and apply a colored sticker or strip of tape to each box near the box number. At your new place, apply a sticker of piece of tape to the doorway of each corresponding room to direct your movers.

Wardrobe boxes

Tall wardrobe boxes are perfect for bulky, lightweight items (comforters, blankets, and pillows) and hanging clothes. Place sturdy handled shopping bags filled with bulky closet items (sweaters, shoes, belts) to the bottom of your wardrobe boxes. Cover your hanging clothing in dry cleaning bags and then add them to the box, packing tightly to prevent movement. Add a few purses or sweaters on top of the shoulders of the hanging clothes to make the most of all room in the box.

“Immediate” boxes

Pack the items you will need right away in clear or brightly colored storage totes to differentiate them from all the other boxes. Put personal items like a sheet set, towel, travel cosmetic/shaving case, laptops, phone chargers, and change of clothes in one of these boxes. You’ll also need a box that has items you’ll need immediately at your new place like an extension cord, power strip, box cutter, tools, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, eating utensils, and select cookware.

Packing “parts”

Use sandwich bags to keep track of small parts like picture hooks and shelf brackets and larger resealable bags for items such as TV cords, then tape the bags to the back of the item they correspond to. Designate a box for additional parts, pieces, cables, cords, brackets, and nails and keep it in a central area while packing. Mark it well so that you can find it easily when you arrive at your new place.

Additional tips and last minute suggestions

Cut down on boxes by filling your baskets, laundry bins, and hampers with clothing, sheets, and towels. Use wheeled suitcases for heavy things like books. Remove the tops of toiletries, cover the openings with plastic wrap, and then put the tops back on to prevent them from leaking during the move. Keep important papers (birth certificates, school records, current bills, mover estimates, closing papers, etc.) and valuables (silverware, collections, antiques, etc.) with you during the move.

A little planning before and as you pack will make the entire moving process less messy and less stressful. For more tips or information about storing your items before, during, or after your move, call Storage Post today!