Quick Tips for Staging Your Home

Modern living room

Staging your home for a quick sale? It’s easier than you think! Follow these simple rules to make your house look perfect for any buyer.

Staging your home

Home staging is a fickle science. If you really love the things you own, it’s easy to feel like your setup is fine as is. But with a little organizational magic, you can turn your living space into the ideal buy for any personality type. Check out the tips below and you can stage your home like the pros

Clear Out the Clutter

A simple rule, but a hard one in practice. What constitutes clutter? It’s better to err on the side of stark rather than try to keep the things you think work. You’re main goal is to establish a nice flow and make your space seem large and inviting. What feels natural from a livability standpoint might actually convince a potential buyer otherwise. Store everything that’s nonessential to make your home seem clean and contemporary.

Avoid Niche Touches

Anything that requires a specific palette has to go. You might think wicker is the crème de la crème, but visitors might find it difficult to imagine themselves in a space with such specific aesthetics. Pick your most neutral pieces to stay in your home while showing, and you’ll have a much easier time making the sale.

Let the Light In

Natural light does wonders for any space. Pull the curtains back and let the sun shine! Because you’ll only be showing your home during daylight, dark anchoring pieces will need a lot of breathing room to keep from dampening the effect. Do your best to make your home seem vibrant and breathable and the light coming from your windows will have a greater reach.

Highlight Space for Guests

If you’re dealing with spaces like the living room or dining room that are often used for entertaining, make sure they appear get-together ready. Not only will the socialite visitors find them appealing, but homebodies will revel in how much space the house offers.

Create a Warm Welcome

First impressions go a long way. A well thought-out front yard and foyer will give potential buyers a reference point for your home after a long day of house hunting. Make sure these areas really pop to ensure they remember your home, even if it means investing in updated furniture or compelling accoutrements for your garden. Once the closing comes, you’ll be glad you did.