The Safety and Security of You and Your Belongings Are Our Top Priorities

Chainlink fencing

We know that our customers want to feel safe when they drop off or pick up items at their self storage unit. They also want to be able to rest easy knowing their belongings are safe long after they leave. At Storage Post, the safety and security of our customers and their valuables are our top priorities. Determined to be #1 in safety and security, here are a few measures we take for your personal safety and for the safety of your property.

Restricted Access to Facility Property: Perimeter Gates

Several of our locations have complete perimeter fencing, making it difficult for non-customers to access our facility. Fences are often connected to an electronic gate that only opens with a valid customer access code.

We Know Exactly Who’s Coming and Going: Personal Access Codes

Entrances at our facilities require a personal access code specific to you and your units. Our digital security system tracks the codes to monitor who comes and goes and makes sure everything is as it should be. These codes give facility managers a record of who’s using the facility at all times and they make it virtually impossible for burglars and unverified users to enter. For added security, an access code is required to operate each elevator (which will only take you to your unit’s floor), limiting each entrant’s range of access.

Smile…We’re Recording!: Security Cameras

Our video cameras are strategically placed and record 24 hours a day as part of a 2-part plan. First, as a visual notice to discourage crime and uninvited guests. Second, it is a crucial factor for managers to review, in the rare occurrence that something should go wrong.

Lighting: Bright, Timed, and Motion-Activated

At Storage Post, you light up the room - literally. Most of our storage facilities feature motion-activated lighting that detects your movement and turns on automatically. No light switch flipping needed! You can see your way to your unit safely and this flood of light will deter any criminals with ill intent. Our motion-activated lights will then turn off after a specified amount of time lapses with no movement detected. Using motion-sensor lighting and timed light switches also allows us to reduce our energy use for more sustainable operations.

Individual Door Alarms

You probably have an alarm system on your home or car to prevent them from theft, why should your self storage unit be any different? Many of our storage units have their very own, unique unit door alarms that will immediately alert self-storage operators if an unauthorized user enters a certain unit.

Come to your neighborhood Storage Post today and let us show you all the safety measures we have in place to keep you and your belongings safe and secure.