Self Storage Is a Smart Option Before, During, and After the Holidays

Wreath on door

Renting a unit for self storage in is a great idea during the holidays. With month-to-month contracts, you can have convenient storage for a few months or year round. Think about how a self storage unit can help make your life easier before, during, and after the holidays.

Before the Holidays

You can’t wait to put up the Christmas tree in the front window, but where will you put the couch that sits there the rest of the year? You will probably need extra space as you continue to decorate and may want to move additional furniture around your home in order to make room for guests. A storage unit can house all of these items temporarily while your decorations are up and your guests are in town.

During the Holidays

Curious spouses and children might uncover your gifts if you hide them in your home, but a storage unit is the perfect hiding place. You can also create a wrapping station inside your unit with no need to worry about spying eyes catching you while wrapping your gifts and if you are making gifts, your storage unit can be used as a crafting area.

After the Holidays

Does the thought of wrangling all those holiday decorations back into the basement, attic, or garage give you a headache? Free up that space by storing your holiday decorations and accessories in a storage unit. Neatly stack your boxes of Christmas lights, wrapping supplies, decorations, and safely store your artificial Christmas tree for next year all in one convenient, nearby location.

Year Round Security

At Storage Post Self Storage, security is our #1 priority. We are always keeping a watchful eye to make sure you and your storage unit are safe at all times. Our facilities are staffed with on-site personnel, and monitored by 24/7 video surveillance and a call box/intercom that allows you to contact the office without leaving your unit. We also track and monitor who comes and goes with personal access codes. In some units, we are starting to offer units equipped with individual door alarms that alert you on your smart phone when someone access your unit.

Not only can storage facilities help you prepare your home for the holidays, but they can also work well for storing holiday-related items during the rest of the year by keeping clutter out of your home and making your life more organized. For more information about the benefits of self storage units, contact Storage Post today.