She Shed/Man Cave Organization and Storage Ideas

She sheds and man caves are little getaways right in your own home or on your property. But making the space for one can seem daunting.

Perhaps you have a room in your house that rarely gets used but tends to collect all the random things in your home, from seasonal items to old art projects. A great way to start carving out this space is by working with a self-storage unit.

In this article, we’ll share she shed and man cave organization and storage ideas, and how to make space using a self-storage unit

What’s a She Shed/Man Cave?

A she shed or man cave is a special place to indulge in hobbies and interests, to clear your head or to hang out with friends. Of course, there are a lot of other ways people use she sheds and man caves.

Some favorite uses for man caves and she sheds are:

  • Social gatherings and entertaining: Maybe you’ll make a small pub, a place to hang out with friends or a spot for gaming

Image source: DIY Network

  • Crafting and hobbies: Like knitting, woodworking, reading or model making? A small space dedicated to your hobby could be just what you need.
  • Workout and meditation: Imagine a tranquil room where you can unwind with Yoga or a spiritual practice -- or maybe an energizing workout space is what you need instead.

Image source: HGTV


Other creative ideas for she sheds and man caves include:

  • A studio space for art, music or filmmaking
  • Gardening room for supply storage or plant display
  • Workspace as a personal office or small business headquarters
  • Guesthouse for friends or family, or a small rented space
  • Glamping -- get outdoors in a glamorous, accessible spot

Pro tip: Your she-shed or man cave does not have to be in a separate building. There are many ways to make small spaces in the house work for you with the right organization and a little help from a storage unit.

Choose a Self-Storage Unit

The great thing about she-sheds and man caves is that they don’t require a lot of space, which means you probably won’t need a large storage unit to make room. Small options include:

  • A locker
  • A 5-foot by 5-foot unit
  • A 5-foot by 10-foot unit

Smaller self-storage units are ideal for storing as little as the contents of a small closet or as much as the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. If your old shed or basement room is housing a mattress, dresser, seasonal decor or boxes of sentimental items, you’ll be able to house them in these spaces.

As you pick a unit, think about the accessibility of it. In the beginning of the she shed or man cave project, you may find yourself visiting the unit many times, adding things and even taking them out again. Consider how easy it will be for you to do that with the unit you choose.

A benefit of a smaller storage unit is that it’s easy to retrieve anything you might need. You can rotate out items you want for the man-cave or she-shed and grab those clothes you put away for the colder seasons. 

And be sure to check out our storage unit size guide to get a better idea of the storage unit you might need.

Choose What to Store

If you’re like most people, you don’t have all of your belongings organized, boxed and labeled for storage. You might be scratching your head, trying to figure out what can go into your storage unit.

Start by picking a theme for your she-shed or man-cave. If anything you have will suit the space, save it for that. But everything else can probably get put away, such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing and that collection of old CDs and DVDs you never use anymore.

Pro-tip: Don’t store away that mini-fridge. Put it in your she shed or man cave as a handy place to keep drinks and snacks in your little getaway.

Set Up and Organize Your She Shed and Man Cave

Of course, there will be a lot of work that goes into the organization of your she shed or man cave. We’re not designers, but we can give you tips on how to use your self-storage along the way.

As you work through the project you might find more items that you’ll need to store in your self-storage unit. You might even get on a roll and find yourself organizing other rooms with the newfound space you have in a self-storage unit.

If at any time, it seems like you need a bigger space to store your items, you can always upgrade the unit.

Once you start storing more than just trinkets and seasonal items, you might find that you need climate-controlled storage. Check out our article on three reasons you might need a climate-controlled storage unit where we outline all the items that may need a temperature controlled unit.

Final Thoughts

Creating your she-shed or man-cave is really an exercise in self-care. Decluttering is another way to keep your sanity, so the two projects go hand-in-hand.

At Storage Post, we’re glad to help make your life a little less complicated and a little more fun. We hope these she shed and man cave organization and storage ideas will help, but we’re also available to consult with you at any time.

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