Thanks, Santa. Now Where Do I Put All These Toys?

Santa and boy talking to each other

Santa got a brand new bag, and he emptied it in your living room. The holidays come with a boatload of new toys, but how many plastic figurines and stuffed animals does one kid really need on a whim?

When mixed together, those old favorites and shiny, new presents can be downright overwhelming. Kids need a little space to enjoy their latest loot.

Our experts suggest storing some of your child’s time-honored treasures and rotating them throughout the year. It’ll be like Christmas all over again! Here are some pointers:

  • Ask your child which toys are their absolute favorites. You’ll want to keep these at home and within reach. Don’t ask them about each and every toy though – they’ll want to keep them all!
  • Take some of the older toys to storage for safekeeping. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and they will seem like new again. And think of all that newfound space.
  • There’s no need to keep broken or unwanted clutter, but a storage unit is a great place to save your child’s first teddy bear or those Fisher Price standards for the younger kids.
  • Now that a little time has passed, look for plastic bins on clearance, even if they’re red and green. Just remember to label them if they’re not see-through. We suggest boxes that are durable, airtight and waterproof.       


We hope these solutions make both you and the kids happy.