Tips & Tricks for Getting Ready for the Holidays

Christmas decorations

Now’s the time to start heading to your storage unit to get your supplies to deck the halls. Before you get started, check out our tips and tricks to getting your house in the holiday spirit.

Think About Your Space

Lovely, sparkly Christmas trees tend to take up a lot of living room space. What do you need to move around to fit the fir? An accent chair? An armoire? Do you have space elsewhere in your home to move these items? If not, consider taking the items to your storage unit for the season to keep them safe and out of the way. 

Make a List, and Check it Twice

Before you head to your storage unit, make a list of all of the items you want to pick up. Sure you’ll need your tree, ornaments, decorations and lights, but don’t forget about other items like your tree stand and skirt, hooks and hanging items to deck the halls and extension cords. Think through every step of your decorating process to avoid having to make multiple trips.

Consider Containers

Whether you’re a fiend for holiday décor or a minimalist merrymaker, consider storage container options to keep your items in good condition. Special boxes for ornaments are designed to separate and protect the delicate decorations and synthetic tree storage bags can help preserve your tree for years.

No matter your holiday prepping preferences, storage can be a big help for clearing up some space and keeping decorations out of the attic in the off season. Happy storing!