Top Reasons Why Self-Storage is Used

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Moving happens every single day for various reasons and let’s admit it, it’s stressful! When you’re stressing, you wonder what you can do with all this stuff you have. Whether you’re downsizing, selling a residence, moving out of a residence, storage is a common necessity and can always be useful when trying to sort and organize your things. Even if you have confliction in time, storing your things in a secure facility eases the pressure of feeling rushed. To make it even better, you have variety in the types of storage units you can choose: climate-controlled, premium, drive-up, ground floor placement, etc. These amenities ensure that you that leaving your items in storage in the condition you’re most comfortable with will fulfill your needs to keep all the valuables that clutter your space elsewhere until you’re ready for them.

Vehicle Storage

Storing a classic car, boat, RV, etc. can also assist you in moving or even parking. In certain areas of our world, it’s hard to find parking anywhere for any period of time because of the infrastructure, parking violations that can be received as a result,etc. Garages and large driveways may not be a feature of your home and that leaves limited parking space for your vehicle; weather also can impact a vehicle greatly. Not only can weather impact your car but you could end up spending tons of money due to damage inflicted on your car by it. No one wants to drive their car through snow, road salt or constant storms; so why not store your vehicle in a secure self-storage facility to ensure your vehicle stays in tip top shape and doesn’t get affected by weather? We offer covered parking, outdoor parking and indoor drive up units that can store a vehicle; protect your car and save your money by renting a parking space for your car today!

No Space

Let’s be honest, we all have a little hoarder in us and sometimes, we can’t get rid of things that easily. Hoarding also would imply that your space is crowded and not as neat as you’d like. Memories, photos, antiques,etc are things that are irreplaceable and hold special places in our hearts and that’s okay! Self-storage is here to help; store your valuables that won’t fit in your home in a self-storage unit to ensure the comfort of keeping those valuables somewhere safe. Even if you have some things that you’d like to get rid of, storage can assist with that as well; you can sort through all of your things and figure out how to keep your home clean and intact with your personal valuables. Using self-storage can also create more space in your home to allow for new things you may want to incorporate into your home decor. Creating extra space in your home by renting a storage unit will leave you satisfied with your valuables being secured in a nearby space that you’re comfortable with.

Small Businesses

Small businesses can benefit from self-storage to store files, equipment, important documents, etc. Many don’t even have office space for it and sometimes, small businesses are just entirely virtual. Working from home can be very distracting and can easily conflict with other tasks you may have. Why not separate your work from your home life and have a self-storage unit that can maintain all your important materials necessary for your small business? Self-storage is an awesome option to even save money on buying an entire office space and being that it’s strictly month-to-month, you can start and stop whenever you’d like to ensure that you’re not locked down to any contracts. If the business gets larger and you need more space, it’s as easy as renting more storage which will still help you save money and gain more business by having the funds to expand it.

College Dorm Room Storage

During summer and holiday months, storage is a huge necessity for students moving in and out of dorm rooms. Dorm rooms are only so big and let’s be honest, we can try and situate our valuables as best as possible, but some things just won’t make the cut. Usually, the idea is to stuff your car with as much stuff as possible and try to lug it all back home, which could be on the opposite side of the country and spend tons of money to get it all there. There’s a solution to this madness of moving in and out of college, it’s called SELF-STORAGE! It’s affordable, convenient, non-committal and saves so much time. Self-storage will ensure that while you’re away at college or at home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, your valuables will be safe and secure until you’re ready to collect them.