Where to Hide your Christmas Gifts

Person holding a gift

One of the best parts of the holiday season is gift giving. There’s nothing like the look of surprise on a child’s face, but those little ones can be awfully nosy, so how do you go about hiding the loot? We’ve got a few tips to keeping the gifts hidden until Santa makes a stop.

In Plain Sight

Hiding gifts in plain sight can be easier than you think. Think about all of those places where your little snoops never look. You could put them in the high cabinet in the laundry room, or inside a decoy box like the one for the vacuum that you never got rid of. Hide them in containers that already exist to keep anything from looking out of place. They’ll be none the wiser. Though, be careful: if your hiding places are too good, you might struggle to find them yourself.

In the Car

Your little snoops will check all of the obvious places - the closets, under the bed, in the basement - but will they ever think to check the trunk of the car? If your items are small and not affected by temperature, stick them in the trunk and keep your keys out of reach. 

Storage Unit

The best place to keep your gifts and stocking stuffers is your storage unit. Your temperature-controlled unit keeps your goodies hidden, safe, and perhaps most importantly, out of the way. Gifts can take up much needed storage space that you may or may not have, so having a place to keep them during the hectic holiday season gives you one less thing to worry about. This can be especially good for larger items like toy sets and bikes. Plus, having all of your presents all in one place instead of spread out all over the house will save you the headache of trying to hunt them down later.

The holiday season is all about surprises. Keep the kiddos on their toes with these great hiding places and keep the spirit of Santa alive. Happy holidays, and happy storing!