Self-Storage Security: Useful Amenities & Safety Tips

When you rent a storage unit, you’re looking for more than a place to put your stuff. You also want to keep your belongings safe.

Security is an essential aspect of self-storage. You want someone who takes the safety of your possessions as seriously as you do. When searching for a storage provider, do your homework and learn what security amenities you want. Then, compare these to the offerings of any potential vendors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! When it comes to self-storage security, trust is paramount.

Top Five Self-Storage Security Amenities to Look For

1) Controlled Access

While storage facilities need to make their storefront available to the public, they must limit the actual storage area to customers only. Restricting access is one of the best ways to prevent theft. The fewer people who have access to an area, the less likely it is that something will be stolen.

Here’s what to look for:

  • Perimeter fences and gated access
  • Use of personal codes or keycards
  • Multiple interior checkpoints that require coded access, such as entrances to the main storage area, elevators, individual buildings or hallways

2) Tracked Entry

Advances in technology have been a massive improvement for self-storage security. These days, most digital entry systems can track codes or keycard swipes to monitor who comes and goes. This gives facility managers a record of who’s using the facility, and when, making it virtually impossible for burglars and unverified users to enter.

3) Security Cameras

Security cameras serve two purposes. First, they’re a visual notice to discourage crime and uninvited guests. Second, they provide a record for review in the rare event it is needed. It’s important to know that there are different kinds of surveillance systems.

  • Continuous recording systems are just that, continuous. They are always recording.
  • Motion-detected systems are designed to take a snapshot of footage when movement is near them but do not record otherwise.
  • Scheduled systems can be programmed to record during specific hours or take a small recording every few minutes.

Storage Post has motion-detected surveillance systems running 24/7.

4) Individual Door Alarms

Some storage facilities offer individual alarms for storage units. Just like a car alarm or home security system, these alarms will alert facility operators if someone tries to enter a unit unauthorized. Check your local Storage Post location to see if this feature is available near you!

5) Motion Activated Lighting

Thieves rely on being undetected, so motion-activated lighting is a good deterrent. When the sensors detect any movement, the lights come on automatically. They also act as a good safety measure to provide visibility to customers.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Self-Storage Security:

Storage operators can do a lot to protect the security of your belongings, but there are steps you can take to improve the security of your unit as well.

- See what others have to say

In addition to checking out the website and the property itself, look through customer reviews and other resources to see what people say about a facility’s commitment to safety.

- Never share your codes

Never share your entry code with anyone who doesn’t truly need access to your secure self-storage unit. Limiting access means less chance of theft and increased safety for all customers.

- Be mindful of what you store

Storage units are great for keeping seasonal items, sporting equipment, furniture, clothes and other basic possessions. They are not the place to store priceless or irreplaceable items like jewelry, rare antiques or cash.

- Invest in insurance

Insurance can’t help you recover any stolen items, but it can help you offset the cost of replacing them. Check your homeowners’ or renters’ policy to see if it covers off-site possessions. You can also purchase additional storage insurance or a protection plan.

We know that our customers want to feel safe when they drop off or pick up items at their self-storage unit. They also want to rest easy, knowing their belongings are safe long after they leave. At Storage Post, our top priorities are the safety and security of our customers and their valuables. That’s why we’ve invested in top-notch security amenities to provide you and your possessions with the best protection possible.