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When you're involved in a transition like a cross-town move or a marriage, finding storage space can be very difficult. Fortunately, Storage Post offers a broad range of storage units of all different sizes and shapes for Baton Rouge residents in the 70806 ZIP code.

Unit Sizes for Every Budget and Load

Since no two storage loads are exactly the same, Storage Post is proud to offer a robust array of differently-sized storage units. From tidy lockers that can hold old clothes or jewelry to gaping 10' x 30' garages that can fit bulky equipment with plenty of room to spare, chances are good that we have the space that you need. We have plenty of intermediate unit sizes as well, including 5' x 5' cubicles, 10' x 10' rooms and 10' x 20' spaces. To make it even easier to find the perfect Baton Rouge self storage space, we provide a no-obligation online reservation service that works around the clock.

Flexible Contracts Take the Guesswork Out of Storage Arrangements

Over the years, we've learned that our customers' storage needs often change without warning. To make it as easy as possible to deal with these changes, Storage Post offers flexible month-to-month storage contracts that won't ever require you to pay for a Tom Drive self storage space that you no longer need. If you take on a new roommate and need to find a place for the belongings in your spare bedroom, simply draw up a new monthly contract and move into a bigger unit. When you purchase a spacious new house that has more closets than you can handle, you're free to sign a new contract on a smaller unit as well. With Storage Post, you'll always get a fair deal on the space that you need near the 70806 ZIP code.

Stand Up to Summer with Climate-Controlled Storage

There's nothing fun about wondering whether your delicate valuables will survive the crippling heat and humidity of a Louisiana summer. Fortunately, Storage Post can completely remove this worry from your mind with our climate-controlled storage units. Whether you're looking to store a batch of moisture-sensitive vinyl records or a priceless collection of artwork, you'll never have to worry about your belongings losing their value in our units. Even when the mercury rises to triple digits, your storage unit will remain cool and dry.

Security Is Priority Number One at Storage Post

At Storage Post, we appreciate the trust that you've put in us. That's why we're happy to provide a host of cutting-edge security features at our Tom Drive facility. From a 24-hour video surveillance system that's always recording the far corners of our property to an automatic access gate that can't be opened without a personalized code, we're committed to repelling unauthorized visitors. What's more, all four walls of your unit are encased in reinforced steel. Many are even wired up with sensitive individual alarms. To top it off, we keep highly trained Storage Post personnel on site to discourage intruders and provide you with excellent customer service.

Whether you're looking to clear clutter from your home by moving a few boxes off-site or you need a second garage for all of your tools and equipment, Storage Post stands ready to assist with all of your storage needs. With our flexible monthly contracts, climate-controlled units and secure facilities, we're your natural storage partner.

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