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Baton Rouge residents and people in and around the 70814 ZIP code know the benefits of a good storage unit. A storage unit can help you keep your home feeling nice, clean, and free of clutter. You don't have to get rid of anything if you find yourself merging your things and space with a new roommate. Additionally, if a baby is on the way, you don't have to get rid of your prized possessions to make way for a nursery. Simply put them in storage. These and countless other reasons might make a Baton Rouge self storage unit the right choice for you.

Climate-Controlled Units for High Humidity Environments

Some days the air feels so thick you could cut it with a knife. This is not good for the long-term health of your belongings. If you own a lot of delicate fabrics, you need to prevent them from stretching or shrinking. Artwork can become discolored and documents can fade in the extreme Baton Rouge heat and moisture. You need to keep these and other items at a constant temperature and humidity level. If your belongings are in storage for an extended period of time, climate control is something to seriously consider. At our Tom Drive self storage facility, we offer climate-controlled units in many different sizes to accommodate your every need.

Security Solutions

Safety is our number one priority at Storage Post. After all, you store with us because you trust us to keep your belongings secure no matter what happens. Reinforced steel walls and doors make our storage units burglar-proof. Our 24-hour surveillance camera system is monitored by our on-site staff, further deterring would-be intruders and vandals. Personal access codes are only given to tenants, making it even more difficult for unauthorized people to gain entry to your unit.

Size Options for Storage Post

Our Tom Drive units vary in size, with our smallest being a locker-sized unit and our largest measuring 10 x 30. Whether you're moving into a studio apartment or multi-bedroom house, Storage Post can meet your unique storage needs. We also offer vehicle storage. If you have a spare car, RV or boat, safely store it at Storage Post. Choose the size that matches for you, and never pay for more space than you need.

Storage Post and Customer Convenience

At Storage Post, we believe that there are many things that keep our customers happy, including our month-to-month contract options.

This flexible option eliminates the need to sign up for an annual contract even though you only need the extra space for a few months. For permanent Baton Rouge residents, we offer long-term contracts. Located within driving distance of the 70814 ZIP code, our Tom Drive facility may be just what you need to save your space. Contact us about getting a storage unit today!

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