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A good storage unit can benefit your space and your belongings in innumerable situations. Many people in the 70815 ZIP code experience clutter on a daily basis. Baton Rouge is the second largest city in Louisiana, so additional space is very limited. Whether you're sharing an apartment with someone new, making room for a newborn or simply want to de-clutter your home, Storage Post is there to assist you. We offer countless Baton Rouge self storage solutions.

Storage Units in Every Shape and Size

When you're renting a storage unit, never pay for more space than you need. That's one of our many mottos at Storage Post, where we offer a wide range of unit sizes to choose from. At 10 x 30, our largest unit can hold bulky yard equipment, furniture and a dozen medium-sized boxes. Our smallest storage unit, which measures at 5 x 5, is perfect for storing a comic book collection or a closet full of clothes. We also offer four unit sizes in between, as well as a locker-sized unit small enough to house jewelry or important documents. Our Tom Drive self storage facility also has parking spaces, making it virtually hassle-free to store boats and RVs during the off-season.

Advanced Security Measures

Unlike other storage companies, we offer state-of-the-art facilities. Our reinforced steel units and perimeter fencing prevent even the most determined intruder from breaking in. Our facilities are monitored round-the-clock using 24-hour surveillance. If suspicious activity is detected, our on-site personnel are there to take care of it. To gain entry to our Tom Drive facility, tenants must have a personal access code. This further deters would-be criminals from stepping foot on our property.

Climate Control for Your Satisfaction

Here in Baton Rouge, humidity and sweltering temperatures are a problem. Over time, exposure to humidity can damage the threads in sensitive fabrics, discolor priceless works of art, tarnish prized pieces of jewelry and cause vital documents to fade and become illegible. Protect against humidity and extreme temperatures with our climate-controlled storage units. Available in every size, these units are kept at a constant temperature and humidity level. These climate-controlled units are key to protecting your most sensitive items.

Month-to-Month Pricing

We offer flexible contract options so that our tenants can store their belongings with us stress-free. Are you a temporary Baton Rouge resident? You can rent a storage unit for 30 days while you move between homes. Long-term residents can choose our annual contract and keep their storage units for as long as they need. Our Tom Drive facility is within driving distance of many Baton Rouge neighborhoods, including the 70815 ZIP code.

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