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Enjoy Safe, Affordable Self Storage with Storage Post

If you need a place to store things for the long term or short term, New Orleans self storage by Storage Post is an excellent solution. We offer a variety of lockers and units that are designed with the security of your things in mind. In addition to putting a top priority on safety, we offer flexible terms and affordable prices at our River Road self storage facility. Residents of the 70001 ZIP code and nearby areas turn to us for a variety of reasons. Whether you're combining households, sending a child off to college or just want to free up some extra space in the home, Storage Post is here to help.

The Most Flexible Self Storage in the Area

Like many folks, you may need a place to store your things for an extended period of time. For instance, you may have inherited things after someone passed away and aren't sure when you'll have time to go through them all. Whatever your reason may be, our annual contracts should do the trick. On the other hand, perhaps you aren't sure how long you'll need storage, or maybe you're only going to need it for a few weeks. We also offer month-to-month contracts that give you unparalleled flexibility in situations like these.

Security First

When looking for a place to store your things, it's important to choose a self storage facility that puts a top priority on security. Unfortunately, some companies cut corners in this regard. You never have to worry about that with Storage Post. We go the distance to ensure that your things are completely secure at all times. On-site personnel and video surveillance technology act as effective deterrents. The premises are also protected by personal access codes, so people can't just wander in off the street. Finally, your things will be shielded by units and lockers that are designed out of reinforced steel.

Competitively Priced Climate-Controlled Storage

You may be reluctant to store certain things at our River Road self storage facility because they are simply too delicate. Our climate-controlled units should alleviate your concerns. Certain items don't hold up well when exposed to extreme temperatures. New Orleans also experiences very humid weather (not to mention the occasional hurricane), and humidity can take a major toll as well. With our climate-controlled units, your things won't be exposed to these elements. They will be kept at a constant temperature, and they will be in excellent shape when you come to retrieve them.

Optimal Space for Your Self Storage Needs

Who would agree to pay for storage space that's not needed? At Storage Post, we know our customers just want to pay for what they need, so we offer units and lockers in a variety of sizes. Our customers in the 70001 ZIP code are able to take their pick from a huge assortment of options. We have large units that can hold entire rooms' worth of furniture and other items, and we also have small lockers that are perfectly suited for storing things like jewelry, tools and other odds and ends. No matter what you need, you can get it for an affordable price at Storage Post.

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