About the Area

Living in New Orleans is both exciting and convenient. There is always something going on downtown, and you're close to everything you need. In such a large city, rental units are at a premium. This means that you may have to sacrifice living space to be able to live in the 70004 ZIP code. However, it doesn't mean that you have to live a cramped lifestyle. You can rent the space you need at Storage Post and still enjoy your apartment in the city.

No Storage Need is Too Big or Too Small

At Storage Post, we understand that everyone has different River Road self storage needs. That is why we offer nine different storage choices, all at affordable prices. Some customers only need a locker. Others, however, need enough storage space for a five-bedroom house. We offer six different sized storage units that range from 5 x 5 to 10 x 30. Lockers, document storage and parking stalls are also an option. If your self storage needs change, just let us know. We are happy to move you to another unit when space becomes available.

Security is of Primary Importance at Storage Post

It can be hard to relax when you leave valuables in your apartment in the 70004 ZIP code. There is always the possibility of theft, fire or just losing something important. Storage Post takes the worry out of New Orleans self storage. We provide you with inventory sheets to track everything you place with us. Our company also employs high-tech security to keep your valuables safe. No one can enter Storage Post without a personal access code. Also, every unit is made from heavy reinforced steel. Our security guards monitor activities 24 hours a day, and a surveillance camera is always rolling. A staff person is available to answer your questions at any hour.

Climate-Controlled Storage Because Your Valuables Deserve the Best

Everyone has something they treasure above all else. Whether it's an old photograph, a book or an instrument, keep it safe with Storage Post. Indoor humidity can cause irreversible damage to many types of items. Those that are most at risk include papers, furniture, leather, electronics and instruments. It's heartbreaking to hear about customers who lost precious heirlooms due to humidity and mold. At Storage Post, your valuables are stored at the perfect temperature and humidity level. You can keep them here for years and they will never get damaged. We also provide valuable protection from extreme weather.

Flexible Monthly Contracts and Other Options

At Storage Post, your self storage contract never feels like a burden. We offer flexible month-to-month contracts for people who are going through a life transition. When you're retiring, going to college or selling a home, it can be hard to predict the future. You could need storage for a month or a year. Our short-term contracts allow you to renew or remove your belongings at the end of each term. If an annual contract works for you, we can provide it. Meeting your storage needs is the whole reason we're in business.

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