About the Area

Your apartment in the 70031 ZIP code may be plenty big enough for your necessities but not your various collections. Whether your passion is baseball cards, gumball machines or vintage clothes, you need a place to store it. Major life transitions are another common reason for needing Ama self storage. Whatever your reason for needing additional storage space, you can find it at Storage Post. We offer numerous storage options close to home.

Only Pay for the Space You Need at Storage Post

With so many sizes to choose from, you never have to worry about paying for unnecessary storage space. We can store anything from one extra chair to all of the contents of a large home. Don't know what to do with your boat during the cooler months? Storage Post offers parking stalls for all types of vehicles. We encourage you to look at all sizes of storage units before making a final selection. Once you're all moved in, organizing your valuables is a breeze with our inventory tracking system.

Protection for Your Values and Peace of Mind for You

It can be hard not to worry about someone stealing your valuable personal collection or family heirlooms. This thought never has to cross your mind when you rent St. Rose self storage from Storage Post. We work around the clock to ensure the security of items you have entrusted to us. Security cameras track every movement that takes place in our facility. The cameras are carefully monitored from the front desk, and anything suspicious is immediately investigated. We provide all customers with their own access code.

Keeping Your Valuables Safe from the Louisiana Sun

Climate-controlled self storage is critical in preventing deterioration of your most treasured possessions. The intense heat of summer in the 70031 ZIP code can quickly damage items beyond repair. Rapidly changing weather conditions can also cause a problem. People sometimes assume that their items are safe indoors, but this isn't always true. Humidity inside of your apartment can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Electronics, paper items, leather, wood and instruments are the most vulnerable to indoor humidity. At Storage Post, all units are climate-controlled. The balanced humidity level protects your items on a long-term basis.

Flexible Contract Options for Every Stage of Life

Offering only one type of self storage contract isn't good for business or our customers. Storage Post knows that some people require more flexibility than others. Our 30-day contract is the perfect solution if you are in the midst of a big change in your life. It allows you to retain flexibility until life becomes more settled. Longer contract terms are also available.

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