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No matter how large or small your living space is, you could probably benefit from extra storage. Unless you are purposely downsizing, you most likely gain more possessions the older you get. People living in the 70054 ZIP code have multiple storage options available to them from Storage Post. Our affordable and convenient Destrehan self storage options may be just the solution you need to live more comfortably.

Competitively Priced Storage Units to Meet Any Need

You may be surprised at just how affordable it is to rent extra storage space. Storage Post respects that you have a housing budget, and our cost easily fits into it. You can always start out with our smallest unit, which is 5' X 5', and upgrade if necessary. Our other sizes include 5' X 10', 5' X 15', 10' X 10', 10' X 15', 10' X 20' and 10' X 30'. For reference, a 5' X 5' stall can fit several boxes of packed items or small furniture. Our largest unit has enough space to hold an entire bedroom set, tools, furniture and just about anything else_even an RV or boat. If these Gretna self storage options don't work for you, inquire about a locker or a parking space.

Professional Security without the High Price

If you're uncomfortable storing your valuables in your apartment in the 70054 ZIP code, consider placing them with us at Storage Post. Keeping your personal belongings free from theft or damage is the most important thing we do. Potential thieves who think storage units are an easy target have never been to Storage Post; we make it impossible to get inside without the proper credentials. All customers have a unique access code that gets them into the facility and their own unit. Our premises and parking lot are monitored 24 hours a day by high-tech security cameras, and we use motion-detection lighting to ensure your personal safety while visiting Storage Post.

Your Valuables Are Protected from Unpredictable Weather

Louisiana is known for its hot summers, hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, your personal belongings are not always safe outdoors or even indoors. When left in a garage, your valuables are at the mercy of weather conditions that are difficult to predict. Air that is too dry or too moist inside of your home can cause problems with humidity, which in turn can cause papers to curl, furniture to grow mold and other issues. Storage Post offers climate-controlled units to prevent any form of deterioration. Each unit is set to the perfect temperature and has a balanced humidity level, so conditions are perfect for your sensitive documents, electronics and musical instruments.

Long-Term Contracts Are Not for Everyone

We allow our customers to choose the contract length that best meets their needs.ÿ For some people, this is only 30 days. Others prefer an annual contract.ÿ Both are available from Storage Post for the same low monthly rate. A short-term contract is ideal if you are experiencing a life transition and need more flexibility, and annual contracts work best for people who are more settled and know they need long-term self storage. One of our friendly representatives can help you decide which plan would be best for you and your busy schedule.

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