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Without even realizing it, it's easy to accumulate huge amounts of stuff over time. It may feel like you hardly buy anything, but stuff has a funny way of adding up through the years. Can you imagine what your home would look like if you cleared some of it away? That's not to say that you have to sell, donate or throw away unneeded things. Harvey self storage is a much better option, and Storage Post's Destrehan facility has the space, flexibility and security you need. If you live in or near the 70059 ZIP code and want to see what it's like to have less cluttered surroundings, we can help

Enjoy Exceptional Storage with Climate-Controlled Units

Many people own items that require extra protection from the elements. For instance, you wouldn't deliberately expose antiques, vintage clothes, fine jewelry or important paperwork to excessive humidity or extreme temperatures. Here in Louisiana, humidity soars and temperatures often go into the triple digits during the summer. You can just imagine the damage that such conditions can cause. A great way to avoid the problems that go along with this kind of weather is by keeping your things in a climate-controlled unit. Our Destrehan self storage facility has several climate-controlled units for some of the most competitive prices around.

Get All the Space You Need Right Now

If you've never used self storage in the past, you probably don't have the slightest clue about how much space you need. Our friendly employees will help choose from our numerous options. We offer several Harvey self storage solutions, including locker-sized units, garage-sized units, and parking spaces. If you need a place to park your RV while it's not in use, our facility is a great place to consider. If you just have a few household odds and ends to store, a small locker should fit the bill.

Our Priority is the Security of Your Things

At Storage Post, the last thing we want is for unauthorized people to gain access to your things. We go to great lengths to maintain high levels of security at all times. If you live in the 70059 ZIP code and are looking for safe self storage, you will like what you see at our Destrehan facility. Our units are made out of reinforced steel. Our facility is also manned by on-site personnel. We have 24-hour video surveillance. For even more security, we use personal access codes.

Store Your Stuff for Weeks, Months or Years

How long would you like to store your things with us? There's no need to give a precise answer to that question. Many of our customers are unsure about how long they'll need to use our Destrehan facility. In that case, month-to-month contracts are the most practical options. If you're certain that you'll need storage for at least a year, you're probably better off with an annual contract. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask our courteous employees.

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