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Whether you live in a small Uptown walk-up or a cozy Mid-City cottage, chances are good that you wish you had more storage space in your New Orleans living quarters. Thanks to Storage Post, you can turn your idle storage desires into practical storage solutions. We're proud to offer a comprehensive array of storage options near the 70115 ZIP Code.

Big Rooms, Little Lockers: Storage Options for Every Load

At Storage Post, we understand that are tenants' needs are different. That's why our River Road self storage facility is packed to the gills with storage units of all different sizes. If you're looking to store a few ski jackets for your regular trips up north, you might be interested in one of our tidy locker-sized units. If you have a riding mower and some power equipment to stash during the slow season, one of our 10' x 10' rooms might fit your bill. Thanks to our spacious 10' x 30' garages with dedicated access ramps, we can even accommodate your family's SUV or RV. Even better, you can browse the full measure of our storage options on our website and make a no-obligation reservation from the comfort of your own home.

Months, Not Years: Storage Post Offers Short-Term Storage Contracts

Whether you're looking to store a few boxes of bedclothes on your summer break or create a permanent extension of your attic, Storage Post can set you up with the perfect self storage contract. Our month-to-month agreements offer the flexibility that you crave. If you've just welcomed a third roommate and need to free up some space in your small apartment, simply sign a new contract and trade up to a more spacious storage unit. If you find a place of your own and no longer need so much space, you're welcome to downsize at a moment's notice. Of course, we also offer long-term storage contracts for folks who absolutely know what they need.

Make Safety Your Top Priority with a Secure Storage Unit

At Storage Post, we're committed to protecting your belongings at all costs. That's why we protect our New Orleans self storage facilities with a web of cutting-edge security features. Thanks to 24-hour video surveillance, we're always able to see what's happening on our properties. What's more, each of our outposts is guarded by an automatic security gate that requires a personalized access code to open. For added protection, many of our reinforced-steel units are equipped with individual alarms. To top it off, our highly trained on-site employees are constantly on the lookout for intruders and other problems. With Storage Post, you won't have to worry about your belongings winding up in the wrong hands.

Beat the Heat with a Climate-Controlled Storage Post Unit

There's nothing like a hot, humid New Orleans summer to warp antique pieces of furniture and permanently damage important paper documents. Fortunately, Storage Post's climate-controlled units are guaranteed to stay cool and dry all year long. Whether you're looking to store some heat-sensitive gold jewelry or need to protect a priceless comic book collection from the moisture-laden bayou air, Storage Post has you covered.

Life in New Orleans is full of surprises. At Storage Post, we're determined to take the guesswork out of storing your extra belongings near the 70115 ZIP Code. With a range of differently-sized storage units and a flexible month-to-month leasing system, you'll never have to pay for a space that you don't absolutely love.

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